katichakrasana // spine and waist twist pose

greener living I katichakrasana“no story is worth telling without the twists and turns. make them count instead”

katichakrasana is a standing twisting posture which helps tone the back, waist, shoulders, arms and neck. it releases tension from the spine, the mind and aids digestion. it’s important to really use the breath to get deeper into the posture so that on the inhale you lengthen through the spine and on the exhale you can create room to twist. this will really lubricate all the joints in the vertebrae.

↠ stand with your feet shoulder width apart. really spread the toes to ground the feet and pull up the arches of the foot. make sure that you’re not standing on one foot more than the other as you want a nice even distribution of weight.
↠ inhale raising your arms in front of you parallel to the shoulders with the palms facing each other. check that when you’ve raised your arms that you’re hips are tucked in, you’re pulling the navel towards the spine and your ribs haven’t poked out. also check that your shoulders are away from the ears and are pulled back and down.
↠ on the exhale gently twist towards the right and keep the same distance in the palms. I like to visualise that I’m holding a ball or if you have a block handy you can use this. try and keep your hips facing towards the front but be wary of your knees and not strain them.
↠ hold this pose for around 20 seconds maintaining a steady breath.
↠ inhale to come back to the centre and exhale to repeat on the other side.

greener living I katichakrasanagreener living I katichakrasana








↠ you can wrap your arm that is on the side that you’re twisting to around your back and place the opposite hand on top of the shoulder which you’re twisting to.
↠ you can make fists and pull the arms as if you’re holding onto a bow and arrow by extending the arm that you’re twisting to and bending the other arm like you’re pulling the string of the bow nice and tight.

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