samakonasana // right angle pose


“never argue with a 90º angle – it’s always right.”

samakonasana is a standing posture which helps straighten the spine by strengthening the back, shoulders, arms and area behind the chest. it also helps release tension by stretching the hamstrings and thighs. this pose is great at helping improve our posture as most days we’re slumped over a desk.

↠ stand straight with the feet hip width apart and inhale to raise the arms above the head with the palms facing each other. I like to take an exhale here to roll the shoulders back and down and get the biceps next to my ears.
↠ inhale to bring the tailbone slightly out, then exhale to bend forward from the hips with the legs straight. you should come half way down into a right angle. the back, spine, neck and hands should be in a straight line parallel to the hips.
↠ hold the position for a few breaths trying to ensure that the stomach is engaged so that the lower back isn’t collapsing. I like to try and shift the weight a little more into my toes to avoid hyperextending or locking the knees.
↠ to finish the posture inhale back to standing trying not to crane the neck and exhale to release the hands back down by the sides.


↠ you can come down into the pose with your hands on the hips. once you feel like your back is in a nice straight line you can extend the hands forward with palms facing each other.

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