tiryaka tadasana // swaying palm tree pose

Tiryaka Tadasana

“the palm tree that sways in the breeze stays standing the longest”

similar to tadasana, tiryaka tadasana is also a grounding posture where you lean over to each side to stretch the ribs and side muscles. this posture can help reduce excess fat and strengthen the sides of the lower back. it’s important in this pose to focus on the breath to help bend further and deeper into the side stretch.

↠ stand with your feet a little wider than your shoulders with your toes pointing towards the front. nicely spread the toes and make sure that your body weight is evenly distributed between both feet.
↠ slightly bend the knees, tuck your hips under and then straighten your legs.
↠roll your shoulders back, open your chest then inhale to raise both arms above the head stretching upwards with your palms facing towards each other.
↠ exhale to stretch over to one side bending from the waist.
↠ try to open the top shoulder up towards the sky and bring the lower shoulder forward so you have a nice opening in the chest.
↠ make sure to drop the shoulders away from the ears.
↠ with every exhale try to see if you can bend a little further to that side.
↠ inhale to come back to centre and then exhale to release your arms back down by your side.
↠ repeat this on the other side.

Tiryaka Tadasana Tiryaka Tadasana








↠ you can try this posture with raising only one arm. this should be your top arm when you bend over to the side. for example if you are leaning towards the left, your right arm should be above your head.
↠ you can bring the palms together in namaskar.
↠ you can clasp the fingers and have your index fingers and thumbs pointing like a gun.
↠  you can clasp all the fingers together and press the palms of your hands up towards the sky.

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