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on thursday I found myself stuck at home due to severe storms from cyclone debbie. with my classes cancelled I lit some candles, made coffee, and curled up in bed watching law & order. I continued the self-indulgence and treated myself with a pamper session using mooloolaba made natural & vegan body care range botica bliss.

the first thing I tried was the pure white clay mask made with white australian clay and organic calendula flowers. I poured it into a bowl and added some water. the smell was subtle but sweet. what surprised me was how it transformed from the white powder to all the colours of the flowers. it was pretty just to look at. when I got it to the right consistency I applied it over my face and neck and left it on for 15 minutes. after I washed it off with some warm water I gave my face a spritz of lavender mist which gave a beautiful cooling effect. moments later I couldn’t stop feeling my face – it was so soft and I felt so refreshed.

next I drew up a warm bath and opened up the tranquil body scrub made with epsom salts, sodium bicarbonate, white australian clay, bamboo extract, orange peel oil, bergamot peel oil, patchouli oil, english lavender oil and ylang-ylang oil. opening the packet smelt so good like lollies, I almost wanted to eat it. the texture was like sea salt, but when I added some water it became almost like a paste. I scrubbed it all over my body and just drifted away in the tub. I had a quick rinse and when I jumped out I felt so relaxed but lifted at the same time. again, I couldn’t stop feeling the softness of my skin. my boyfriend commented on how good I smelt too.

I never take the time to give myself a mini treatment but it’s going to be something I’ll aim for once a week. just that half hour was the relaxation and recharge I needed.

I chatted with rebecca the creator of botica bliss about the power of flowers & herbs,  taking the time to relax, and how sharing things can help make an impact.

how would you describe your brand?

botica bliss is a combination of natural and organic ingredients blended with love and care that are all designed to help make your body and soul feel regenerated and refreshed. it’s all about giving yourself permission to spend some time on yourself which is something vital for our mental health.

what inspired you to create your own botanical beauty products?

my love for flowers lead me on this path. after discovering how powerful and healing herbs, minerals and flowers are I started to experiment with how I could use them on their own and also mixed in with other ingredients to enhance their powers. it has been so much fun experimenting!

what sets botica bliss apart from other conscious beauty ranges?

to start with its hand blended in mooloolaba! the ingredient blends have been created for maximum impact. it’s a visual experience as well as botanical beauty and relaxation. you can see in most customer reviews that people play, hold and decorate their special space with botica bliss. it’s just not about the health benefits, it is a full 3 dimensional experience of sight, smell and feel.

who makes botica bliss products?

I personally hand blend my range in small batches for maximum impact. I source my ingredients from australian businesses or they have been imported from all over the world.

what’s your favourite ingredient that is in your clay masks, body scrubs or bath teas and why?

oh gosh this is like been asked who is your favourite child! they all have their own unique and special benefits. I am however loving the feel and effect of the australian clays. I think I will be doing a lot more down the track with this special and amazing mineral.

what is your favourite tip or piece of advice for greener living?

sharing! there are so many things you can share between your friends and family such as books, movies, clothes and kitchen appliances. so many times we only need something for a short time and this way we are reusing more rather than buying more.

you can connect and find out more about botica bliss on their website, instagram, facebook, pinterest, google+ and twitter.

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