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ettitude is an australian lifestyle label that makes organic, affordable luxurious bedding & homeware that respects you and the environment. I chatted with ettitude about the creation & inspiration behind a sustainable bedding label, the benefits of organic bamboo lyocell, and their current collections.  

how would you describe the label?

affordable luxury, quality, the softest and smoothest bedding ever!

what was the inspiration in creating ettitude?

to fill the gap in the market between high end luxury bedding (usually found in department shop or designer boutique which prices range from $300-$700) and cheap bedding of very low quality, with a side of health & beauty benefits.

also, sustainable or eco-friendly products are often much more expensive, that’s why we keep the prices affordable without retail markups.

 ettitude  I  greener livingettitude  I  greener living

what sets ettitude apart from other sustainable bedding & lifestyle companies?

we’re the first in australia (possibly worldwide too) to use 100% organic bamboo lyocell in bedding! a lot of other bamboo bedding available in the market consists a mix of cotton & bamboo blend or it’s just traditional bamboo rayon/viscose fabric.

organic bamboo lyocell is more durable and resilient. they’re fabricated with a closed loop system which means water is being reused and recycled with minimal waste output.

there are lyocell bedding products in the market but the fabric is made from wood pulps, not organic bamboo pulps. bamboo is one of the most sustainable resources, it grows without the need of much water, pesticides and herbicides, and it’s a self-seeding and renewable plant.

can you describe your bondi, cloudland & daydream collections?

bondi is our first collection, it includes all the cooler shades, perfect for winter & fall. daydream includes all the lighter shades and neutrals, perfect for summer & spring. bondi and daydream provides perfect all bedding basics for mix and matching!

cloudland is our first digital print bedding. it’s a collab with melbourne fashion label limedrop. the cloud print is a signature pattern of limedrop and we print it on our bamboo lyocell fabric.

you can find out more about ettitude on their website, instagram, twitter, facebook, pinterest, and youtube.

ettitude  I  greener livingettitude  I  greener living

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