nomadix creates versatile, eco friendly, recycled & recyclable travel towels and apparel. I met the guys from nomadix on a spontaneous road trip down to mexico on my travels just over a year ago. straight away I could see that the guys embodied and lived their brand. since that trip my nomadix towel has wandered to over 15 countries with me which I’ve used for my yoga practice, as a makeshift tarp camping at a music festival, dips by the pool & sea, and many of a time as a blanket at the airport in between flights. I use my towel every day teaching yoga and always have students asking where my towel is from and commenting on the design. I chatted with zack one of the founders about the nomadic lifestyle, eco-friendly living, fast fashion, and world adventures.

how would you describe your brand?

nomadix is designed to inspire travel and an eco-friendly lifestyle. due in large part to the internet, building the life you want to lead is more accessible than ever. and for those who want travel and adventure, now you can buy flights on your phone, stay for free anywhere you go, and make informed choices about the gear you bring with you. we want to inspire people to take action and pursue that lifestyle. to be successful, you’ll have to own versatile (ideally eco-friendly) gear that you can take anywhere. nomadix inspires that lifestyle in our customers. 

where does the name nomadix come from?

the founders of the company originally came up with the concept while on a 17-day camping trip through colorado and utah. we had just spent the winter working at a ski resort in colorado, and we were inspired by the outdoor lifestyle and the transient way of life you often see there. nomadix fits the millennial that moves cities every three years, the digital nomads travelling abroad, the backpacker, and the travel minded outdoor and adventure crowd, and yogis. the nomadic way of life is something you see more and more with the millennial and younger, so the name stuck.

what inspired the phrase ‘own less do more’?

we believe strongly that the best way to live a more eco-friendly life is to own fewer items, and to spend your money on experiences instead of physical things. with that in mind, our products will always be versatile. instead of buying one towel for yoga, one for the beach, one for camping, a nomadix towel will perform for all of those activities – and it’s not just a slogan; we truly live our lives like this. we spend a good portion of the year traveling, living out of a backpack, and looking for those experiences. as we grow, you will see more of that lifestyle in the brand.


where are some of the places and adventures around the world that nomadix towels have ventured to?

nomadix towels have been sold in over 50 countries so far, so of course we’ve received pictures from the traditional backpacking routes in europe, asia and south america. we’ve gotten photos from everywhere from antarctica, to uganda, to a pool parties in downtown los angeles and buenos aires. you can follow us on instagram to see what people are sharing. if you have photos, send them in! we love to see where people are going.

what makes nomadix stand out from other sustainable towels?

other than the designs, which are why so many people love their towels, this towel is designed to be the only towel you need. it performs during yoga, it’s big enough for the beach and surfing, quick dry and antimicrobial for traveling, and it looks great for a pool party. there are not really other towels that perform well for all those activities.

what’s in store next for nomadix – is there anything new you’re working on or excited about?

nomadix is always focused on finding new ways to create sustainably manufactured products. one of the biggest environmental issues we have today is the apparel industry. fast fashion and harmful manufacturing processes are causing major damage – there are several resources and documentaries about the effects (true cost, planet money and fashion revolution for instance). so for earth day 2016 (friday, april 22nd) we are launching the clean apparel campaign. we’ve partnered with an incredible factory to make clothing that uses zero wastewater, pesticides or chemicals to manufacture. we are trying to demonstrate demand for sustainable products, and show that people do care about how they are made. we’ve partnered with a few other brands to offer some great products, so it will be exciting.

can you share one of your favourite eco tips or advice for greener living?

taking a second to imagine the lifespan of the products you buy and a plan for their disposal at the end of their life will greatly reduce your waste in day-to-day life. before buying something, take a moment to think about it critically. do I need this? does it have more than one use (is it versatile)? how long will I own it? will it become trash or can it be recycled/reused? that mindset will make it easier to avoid buying prepackaged foods, or fast fashion, or bottled water.

you can connect and find out more about nomadix on their website, facebook, twitter and instagram.

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