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Satva Living

satva living is a brand that sells 100% organic fitness clothing for women that is global organic textile certified. I chatted with satva founder puja barar about what led her to create an ethical and sustainable fashion label, organic living, social impact on the global community and the inspiration behind the new fall line.

how would you describe your label?

designed in california and sustainably made, satva’s organic cotton lifestyle wear is created for the active woman who lives adventurously and shops mindfully. satva’s fresh & trendy take on organic clothing takes eco chic to a new level of style, featuring affordably priced day to evening athleisure apparel from active/yoga wear to casual dresses. featuring influences from india’s exquisite hues & prints, satva’s bold patterns and soft hand-feel bring vibrancy & comfort to wardrobes.  a gots certified brand, satva’s non-gmo organic cotton apparel meets the highest global standards for organic textiles ensuring socially responsible & eco-conscious manufacturing at every stage of production.

what inspired you to create your own ethical fashion label?

I started my career in fashion and worked in global sourcing and account management with high profile fashion companies for nearly 10 years.

when I had my son vihaan, I felt a shift in my life, I wanted to create a more flexible lifestyle that blended my passion for fashion, family and healthy living. my dedication to organic living and yoga had always guided me in a life and I felt a calling to create an affordable line of organic lifestyle wear that was stylish and suitable for an active and modern woman like myself, a product line I felt was missing in the fashion world. hence satva was born.

purity has been a defining value in my life as a mom, yogi, entrepreneur and a vegetarian. purity extends throughout my company’s values from the organic cotton used in our active clothing, to the pure commitment of our give back program in India.

Satva LivingSatva Living

what sets satva apart from other organic apparel labels?

satva is an organic lifestyle company that lives it mission to create a balance of people, planet and product. every eco conscious & socially responsible step is considered on the way to production.

one key area that sets us apart is our gots certification, the highest global standard for organic textiles which ensures the organic status of textiles, from harvesting of the raw materials, through environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing. many organic apparel brands today do not have this level of organic certification.

social impact is also at the heart of satva. at satva, we believe in making a deeper impact in our global community – and our impact starts with our organic cotton farmers and their families. through the blossoms for change program, a portion of sales is given back to the organic farming communities of India where we source our cotton. organic cotton farmers in satva’s partner program use non-gmo seeds, practice all-natural growing methods and earn more revenue compared to farmers who grow conventional cotton- a significant impact for an industry plagued by extreme debt and poverty.

proceeds are also donated to educational scholarships for deserving girls in the community to combat the 60% dropout rate for girls over the age of 13 whose farmer families can no longer afford schooling.

what is the inspiration behind the new fall line?

our new fall collection is inspired by the love of travel and the rich hues of eastern asia- india, thailand, and morocco: molten lava red, inky blue, and a wine purple that all works with our staple blacks.- perfect jewel colours for fall! our sophisticated tile and scarf prints give you the feeling of being at your favourite destination. add some flirty flair to your wardrobe with our exposed lattice and strappy details that expose just the right amount of skin. the akula kimono is a new must have piece that is offered in our favourite prints and works as a stylish layer with everything in your wardrobe.

you can find out more about satva living on their website, instagram, twitter, linkedin, and tumblr.

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