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VLTA is an environmentally conscious company that produces sustainable jewellery to house essential oils made by matt pril & irene seelig. I met irene in whistler, canada on my travels around the world this year and we instantly became great friends with our passion for health and sustainable living. we spoke about the inspiration behind this eco-conscious label and the benefits of essential oils for wellness.

how would you describe your label?

VLTA merges holistic well-being, modern design and sustainability under one fashion jewellery brand.

where does the name VLTA come from?

Our brand name, VLTA (pronounced vol-tah) is derived from the czech word vltavin, a rare tektite formed by a meteorite hitting the earth’s surface and fused together as one. it is this energy that reminds us that we are equipped with the necessary tools to sustain a healthy existence. each jewellery piece that we create represents this energy.

what inspired you to create your own eco-conscious wellness label?

one day it just hit us. we were determined to spread the essence of well-being.

at the time, one of our family members was going through a life changing illness. the journey we embarked with her truly showed us how to sustain her wellness and our own. here we saw the resemblance of this illness in our environment giving us clarity on the balance that can be simply integrated into everyones’ life by just asking the right questions. VLTA is the medium in which we can share this knowledge and encourage its wearer on their well-being journey.

vlta I greener livingvlta I greener livingvlta I greener livingwhat makes VLTA stand out from other sustainable jewellery labels?

our jewellery pieces are dynamic living objects that are created to cross multiple senses. we want our pieces to be interpreted as alive and transformative on various levels, riding the line between adornment and utilitarian. these are pieces to reflect our innermost, precious yet private, yet ready, in an instant scents, to be experienced by ourselves and shared with someone near. beautiful jewellery is a wonderful conversation piece, however when combined with a pleasant scent, the wearer is destined to make a lasting connection.

can you share one of your favourite eco tips or advice for greener living?

the first thing that comes to mind is when you are getting ready for bed, rub some lavender essential oil on the bottom of your feet. this will immediately promote a calming sensation through the whole body and allow for a peaceful nights rest. we always say, everyday do something small yet loving for your mind / body / spirit.

where can vlta be found and do you have plans for a new collection?

you can shop and stay up to date with us at www.VLTA.co. we are in the process of designing a new collection to be released in the summer along with a surprise addition to the company. stay tuned …

much love + wellness,
matt and Irene

you can find out more about VLTA on their instagram, twitter, pinterest, facebook, and linkedin.

for 15% off these beautiful VLTA pieces you can use the code: greenerliving

vlta I greener livingvlta I greener living.

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